Caravan 12S Extension Lead - 1 metre

Price: £12.00(Including VAT at 20%)

Product Description

PIK Product Code: PIK-12S1M

Caravan 12S Extension Lead

  • 1 metre of HEAVY DUTY cable
  • Fitted with 12S plug and flying socket for extension between the grey plug and socket on caravans
  • Plug and socket conform to ISO 3732
  • The 12S (Supplementary) socket provides a permanent and switched power supply and reverse light function.
  • The permanent supply provides power to the interior lights when the engine is turned off and is switched to charge the caravan battery when the vehicle engine is running.
  • The switched power supply provides power to the caravan fridge when the engine is running.
  • 12S socket can also be used for horse boxes with internal batteries and tipper trailers with electric lifts.
  • 12S sockets are distinguished by a grey cover whilst the 12S plugs are a grey colour casing.


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