Number Plate Holder - Square with Pre-wired Number Plate Lamp

  • Number Plate Holder SQUARE with Pre-wired Lamp - 1
  • Number Plate Holder SQUARE with Pre-wired Lamp - 2
  • Number Plate Holder SQUARE - 2
  • Number Plate Holder SQUARE - 3

Price: £38.50 £34.50(Including VAT at 20%)

Product Description

PIK Product Code: PIK-155398507


  • Overall size 348mm x 256mm x 30mm
  • Number plate holder for UK standard SQUARE number plates.
  • Fitted a large 12v Aspock Regpoint number plate lamp
  • Holder is secured in place onto the trailer by using 4 screws or pop rivets (not supplied).
  • Distance between mounting holes 230mm and 130mm
  • Number plate is held into place in a groove along the bottom edge and a strong rubber grip at the top.
  • When fitted in place, changing number plates is very quick and easy.
  • Manufactured from high grade rigid plastic
  • Suplied with an Aspock pre-wired number plate lamp
  • Ideal for use on trailers, horse boxes and caravans when it is being towed by various towing vehicles.


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