250x40mm Brake Shoes & Springs for Knott

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Product Description

PIK Product Code: PIK-839-4

Unit of Issue: 1 Axle Set

Brake Shoes & Springs for Knott Brakes

  • 250mm x 40mm
  • Fits 250mm / 10" internal dia. of brake drum
  • 40mm width of brake shoe
  • Conforms to E11 90R
  • E Approved
  • Ifor Williams compatible part no. P000330
  • Knott equivalent part no. 520067.004
  • Used on Ifor Williams trailers since September 1992 on the following twin axle models;
  • BIAB, BV6 range, CT136HD, CT166G, CT167G, CT177, DP120G, Eventa, GH1054, GP6, GP7, GX105HD, GX106, GX126, HB510XL, HB610, LM105GHD, LM85HD, LM6G/GB, LM7G, TA5GHD, TA510G, Transports, TT105G, TT3017, TT126G, TT3621, TB range with 12" wheels

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