Safety Information


P.I.K Trailer Service helps you keep you and your trailer safe and to comply with the current legislation

Servicing and Repairs carried out to all types of trailer up to 3500kgs

Horse Trailers
Mobile Plant Trailers
Car transporters and Motor Cycle Trailers
Catering Trailers
Farm Live Stock Trailers
Box Van Trailers
Exhibition Trailers
Builders/tipping Trailers
Industrial Plant Trailers
Camping Trailers
Small, Medium, Large Trailers

Frequency of servicing of all types of trailer is very important and vital for your safety on the road.

It is the driver who is responsible for the trailer, as well as the owner, to make sure it complies to current legislation.

An un-serviced trailer can process into loss of insurance claims or even prosecution by Law.



This all depends on what type of trailer and how often it gets used, but a typical guideline is as follows:

Before each journey - particular checks are necessary for safety reasons e.g. lights, tyres, wheel nuts, breakaway cable and security of load.

Every 3000 miles (5000 km) - for industrial / commercial trailers with intensive usage, by type of application or mileage towed, plus boat trailers which have been immersed in water.

Every 6000 miles (10,000km) / Serviced annually - for leisure and caravans.

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